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tecnologiaHarmonize Wellness Mask Technology

The current technology used in peel-off facial masks faces various problems. These peel-off masks, which are actually reversible hydrocolloids, normally require 20-30 minutes to dry before they can be removed. Products that form a gel during the recommended time often stick very strongly to the skin, creating undue stress and discomfort to the skin when removed.

The alginate mask is a natural beauty treatment that provides a fast and effective result, erasing fine wrinkles and creating a lifting effect, increasing your skin’s elasticity and leaving it fresh, smooth and radiant. The mask’s main ingredient is sodium alginate or sodium salt of alginic acid (a compound obtained from seaweed). Another necessary ingredient is calcium sulfate. When these two ingredients are mixed with water they turn into a hydrocolloid gel, which creates a deposit for active ingredients and allows for its slow migration to the skin.

All of this enables the skin to become quickly hydrated and thus improving it significantly. At the same time this hydrating method is superior to paraffin, masks or mineral oils, as it allows the exchange of oxygen and helps to absorb and eliminate toxins from the skin’s surface.logo patente

Soon after it is applied, the mask solidifies. It remains plastic and therefore does not cause any discomfort and is removed easily.

It can also be combined with any active formulation making the absorption of active ingredients easier, and can therefore be used for many beauty treatments and procedures, such as photo-rejuvenation, mesotherapy, myostimulation, ultrasound, etc.