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How to use the face mask?

pase como funciona

 The efficacy of Harmonize Wellness Mask for treating skin lies in three areas

One aspect is to increase the physiological function of the skin
by shutting off normal skin respiration thereby raising skin temperature and moisture content. This increased temperature and moisture also has a secondary effect which is to enhance transfer of active ingredients in the pack to the skin via osmosis.

Secondly, skin debris and other impurities may adhere to the Face Mask material
and be removed from the skin along with the Face Mask, thus achieving a cleansing effect. Exfoliation of dry skin and rehydration may be achieved; and skin infection treated both through removal of debris and the transfer of medications to the skin.

Finally, Harmonize Wellness Mask may also have a tightening effect on the skin
which in combination with a change in skin temperature, imparts a transient stimulating feeling of rejuvenated skin.