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Skin Cosmetics - Fresh and Natural Cosmetic

Harmonize Wellness Mask is a single-use professional treatment. Made up of two phases, each remain inactive until the moment of use when, on mixing its components, all of its properties are released instantly. It truly is an authentic “Fresh and Natural Cosmetic”. Normally, active ingredients are lost as soon as they are used, but with this innovative packaging its qualities are released when you wish.

Harmonize Beauty Facial Masks, with micronized seaweed and a combination of active ingredients, enable osmosis (sauna effect) and allow the active ingredients to penetrate more efficiently, making your skin feel beautiful and firm and by obtaining an immediate “lifting” effect.

These masks instantly provide a feeling of freshness which, when applied to your skin, make it feel smooth and velvety. In the short term they achieves an immediate tensing effect, but when applied in the medium and long term, they can smooth expression lines and increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

Firming And Lifting Effect
Since they are easily removed, they can be applied to even the most sensitive skin.

Shake and apply!